Little treasures.

I’m a single mom going through a divorce with three year old triplets and a ten year old. Long story short, it was an abusive situation where I had to leave for the well-being of my children (I’ll write more about that later). I’m not going to lie, some days I find myself hating my life. Questioning over and over, “how did I get here?” There are days where it is a struggle to even wake up and take care of my kids. I didn’t ask for this when I married the man of my dreams! I never imagined myself as a single mom. When I welcomed with joy the news of my pregnancies, I would have never imagined that I would be forced to raise them alone. Well, here I am. A single mom with a restraining order against the father of my children of 12 years. Trying to pick up the pieces of 5 lives shattered by abuse. It sucks. Really, really sucks. In the midst of all this sucknes, my little girl woke up this morning and said ” I love today,” and then the triplet boys said that they “love today too.” This all got my 10 year old thinking, and then he said… “You know, I realized you can make any day a good day if you think positive.” In spite of all we been through, I can see healing take place. Slowly, the pieces that have been broken are being picked up, one by one, and being put back together again. I see joy taking the place of pain. Laughter in the place of fear. Peace in the place of confusion. But then there are days where all I can see is the brokenness, and looking into the future with fear of the unknown, I feel hopeless. Today my children reminded me to not try to understand it all. Take a deep breath, Trust God, and enjoy today. “For tomorrow will worry about itself” As we all sat in the car ready to start our day, with grateful hearts, we said a prayer thanking God for “Today”…And it all started with the sweet little heart of a three year old girl who “loved today.”IMG_20150708_185406075